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CARM Go-Live Preparation Guide

Everything you need to know!



Client Go-Live Checklist 

  • Verify your Client ID with CRA. In case of any changes to your business, this needs to be an exact match when registering on your client portal. 

  • Decide who will be your BAM, PAM, editor and readers on the CARM portal. 

  • Set Delmar as your broker with an assigned BAM to give employees access to work on your accounts. 

  • Check off “Visibility” to grant Delmar access to any or all of the choices listed for your transactions:  

    1. Delmar has transmitted. 

    2. The importer has submitted.

    3. Submitted by another business, such as another customs broker or trade consultant. 


Client Portal Registration 

  • Sign up to create a GCKey or you can sign into the CCP via your financial institution. 

  • Click on “First Time Set Up” to register your business on the CCP. 

  • Validate your business information on the portal. 

  • Validate your SOA transaction information or obtain your DN from Delmar. 


Employee Profile Creation and Set Up 

  • All employees need to sign up on the portal by creating a GCKey. 

  • Employees will need the BN9 (9-digit business number) to request access to the client account. 

  • Employees must specify why they require access to be assigned the correct user entity. 

  • The BAM will manage all requested access and assign the correct user authority. 


CARM Financial Security Requirements 

  • The client must have adequate security in place by the Go Live of CARM Release 2. 

  • The bond amount required will need to be calculated between the client and Delmar, your broker. 

  • Bond surety ascertainment can be done independently through an insurance company or through Delmar, your broker. 

  • The bond amount needs to be entered into the client portal to have Release Prior to Payment privileges. 


What to do before Go-Live of Release 

  • Visit the CARM Resources on our website to educate and inform your employees about the upcoming change. 

  • Statement of Accounts and Daily Notices will be available on the client portal. If you would like an EDI feed, visit the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Application for Daily Notice (DN) and Statement of Account (SOA) resource on the Delmar website and fill out the form.  

  • Provide Delmar, your broker, with access to your portal as soon as possible as rulings can be requested online between Release 1 and Release 2.  

  • Watch the Delmar On Demand CARM Webinar

Preparation, Education and Planning is critical to manage this transformation. Delmar’s team is waiting to assist you. Connect with our CARM specialists today.   



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